5 Super Snacks to Up Your Bowl Game

Well it’s just a few days until the biggest football game of the season: the Superbowl. We can’t ever resist a good reason to throw a party, so we thought that this week we’d take a little break from all the wedding talk and focus on something everyone can enjoy. When you’re hosting any sort of sports party, it’s important to have the right kinds of food to keep your fans satisfied. So that’s why this week’s blog post is a collection of some of our favorite snacks and meals to make your Superbowl party a huge hit! Just click on any of the names or images to visit the source sites and get ready to cook up some delicious snackage for your big game party!

Stuffed Cheesy Bread from Joan’s Food Wanderings

Stuffed Cheesy Bread

Photo Credit: Joan’s Food Wanderings

This pull-apart bread recipe is SO easy and delicious. The original recipe is for Onion-Garlic bread, but it’s just as delicious with your own mixture of toppings. And it takes very little prep: just buy a large loaf of Italian bread from your local grocery store and slice it into squares, then fill those cracks with anything your heart desires!

Mini Taco Bowls from Passion for Savings

Photo Credit: Passion for Savings

These mini taco bowls are both adorable and simple to make. Just get a round cookie cutter, your favorite taco fixings, and combine! These are great for the tiny fans in your family as well, since they’re bite-size.

Easy Oven Fajitas from Budget Bytes

Photo Credit: Budget Bytes

It can be so hard to replicate the smoky flavor of restaurant fajitas at home, but this recipe from Budget Bytes makes it easy. Not only is it simple to make, it’s also low-cost! Just bake your meat and veggies with the seasonings, then serve in soft tortillas for a great meal at less than $10!

Hawaiian Ham Roll Sliders from Just a Pinch

Photo Credit: Fhonda Gibson on Just a Pinch

I first tasted this recipe at a family Christmas party a few years ago and I will say it was a HUGE hit. They’re sweet and pretty simple to make, especially since all of he prep can be taken care of the night before the big event.

Buckeye Brownies from Dessert Now, Dinner Later

Photo Credit: Dessert Now, Dinner Later

Here at World Digital Imaging we’re huge Buckeye fans (both the team and the candy!), and in our humble opinion there is nothing better for dessert than chocolate and peanut butter. That’s why these brownies are so mouth-wateringly delicious. Best of all you can easily use a boxed brownie mix to make your prep go faster!

You can find these and other great Game Day recipes on our Up Your Bowl Game Pinterest Board!

We certainly encourage you to try all of these recipes at your next gathering, and share your experiences with us! What’s your favorite part about the Superbowl? What’s your favorite Game Day recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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