Hello World!

Well hello there and happy new year everyone! We here at World Digital Imaging have been super busy over the holidays getting ready for all of the new products and services we’ve acquired over the last few months, including the launch of both our new website design (Hello 21st Century!) as well as @Hello, our specialty line of custom-designed invitations and greeting cards.


What exactly is @Hello? For years, we’ve provided our customers with beautiful custom designs for weddings, baby showers, holiday greeting cards, and other special events. In order to better serve these customers, we’ve created a specialized section of our website and our business dedicated to these events. On our new @Hello website, you can browse the custom designs we’ve created for various events, follow our blog for the latest on many topics related to the events we cater towards, and contact our designers to place orders and get quotes on your very own custom designs.

Here on the blog, we hope to keep you up to date on the latest in design trends, provide inspiration for your event designs, and give advice on planning and etiquette for your invitations and events. We’re here to answer your questions about everything from weddings to graduations and every event in between. And we’d also love to hear from you about your experiences. We encourage you to comment on our posts, leave us feedback on your favorite designs, and ask questions where necessary. But as always, remember to respect others as you do so!

Myself and the rest of the design team here at WDI have been working hard to make this site a place to gather ideas, knowledge, and advice for every event in your life. We’re thrilled to be launching this new service and we hope you’ll follow us on this journey into the new year.

– Chelsea

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