What is @Hello?

@Hello is World Digital Imaging’s brand of custom-designed cards and stationery items for special events in your life. We pride ourselves in beautiful, affordable designs that are custom made for you by our very own designers.

How important is a first impression?

As a society, we put a huge amount of stock into first impressions. We obsess over the perfect way to introduce ourselves to a potential employer or a client, how we should dress to make the right impression rather than the wrong one. The invitation you send out to an event is no different! It’s often the first glimpse that your guests will get of the celebration to come, and it helps to set the tone. Whether it’s an extravagant wedding on a beach in the Bahamas or your annual backyard barbeque, your invitations should capture the colors, the formality, and the overall look of the event.

Here at @Hello, we’re passionate about help you make the best impression possible for every special event in your life. From guiding you through the proper etiquette of the wording and layout to creating a beautiful design that perfectly encompasses your style and theme, our designers will work directly with you to develop your stationery and ensure that your guests will be wowed when they receive your invitation.

Every event in life is unique. Why should your paper be ordinary?

Whether it’s your wedding invitation or your child’s birth announcement, every event in life is different. Each detail from the design to the wording to the presentation tells a different story. So why spend your money on bland, generic invites? Even “customizable” invitations are just templates that will be used over and over for hundreds or even thousands of other people having similar events. What we offer is totally one-of-a-kind design, made special for you.

But isn’t custom design expensive?

Custom designed invitations are a specialized craft – you need a good designer who not only knows how to create a beautiful design but also how to communicate with you to make sure that they the design is what you’re expecting. When you purchase a custom invitation or stationery item from us, you are not only buying the paper that your invitations are printed on. You’re also employing the services of an experienced graphic designer who is dedicated to providing you with the perfect design and can guide you in choosing the right paper and embellishments, the proper etiquette for wording, and printing options for you.

While it may not be as inexpensive as buying generic invitations, we do strive to keep our prices practical and affordable. Our average cost for a 5×7 basic invitation (such as for a baby shower, a graduation party, or holiday party) is around $1.10 each, and a basic wedding invitation set averages around $2-$3 per set. When you compare this to many custom invitation websites, and even some DIY kits, we think that’s pretty affordable for custom design!

We highly encourage you to request a quote based on your event’s specific needs, and if you have a particular budget in mind let us know! Our designers can often help direct you toward options that are right for your particular budget.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]