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Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your event with us! We’re looking to share all of the unique and creative celebrations that our customers make us a part of: from weddings to graduations, birthday and holiday parties, and more. The invitations are just a small part of the whole, and we would love to share the big picture with others who are planning similar events. We are honored to have been a part of your event, and love to see the end results!

How will my submissions be used?

Our intent with these submissions is to use them as inspiration for other customers who may be planning similar events. Photos and video submitted may be featured in a variety of ways including blog posts, on our website or social media, or printed in our Wedding Album for display in our store.

Submission Guidelines

1.) Please submit professional photographs with permission from your photographer.

2.) We prefer images that are at least 600px and 300dpi whenever possible.

3.) Please fill out the complete list of vendors if possible. As a vendor ourselves, we know how important it is to give credit where it’s due!

4.) Submit 10-15 photos to Dropbox for review. If we would like to see more images, we’ll contact you.

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